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ATEX© - Analysis Tools for Electron and X-ray diffraction
powered by Jean-Jacques Fundenberger and Benoît Beausir

ATEX© - Analysis Tools for Electron and X-ray diffraction

How to get ATEX


Read the following conditions

- ATEX© is free for non-commercial use. If you are affiliated to a private company simply contact us
- If you use ATEX in your publications, please make the following citation:
"B. Beausir, J.-J. Fundenberger, Analysis Tools for Electron and X-ray diffraction, ATEX - software,, Université de Lorraine - Metz, 2017"
- ATEX© Software source codes and documentations are copyrighted and may not be redistributed or placed on public Web servers without permission. (IDDN.FR.001.420015.000.R.P.2014.000.20700)

Download and Install

Double click on the downloaded installer file, "atex-setup.msi" and follow the instructions. ATEX runs on windows OS.


Fill correctly the form which appears when you open the software for the first time.
Your licence will be activated in the next 24h. Registration is free.

Good to know

- Works on windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 operating systems (64 bits).
- The computer need an internet connection.
- Prefer an install on a computer equipped with a large screen (Minimum 1360x800).
- Avoid c:/program files if you are not administrator of your computer.
- If you are not administrator, run the programm as administrator can help for some functions
- Interface display issue on LAPTOP, (especially with high DPI screen, 4K for instance).
1 – Right click on ATEX.exe file located in the install directory, and choose “Properties”
2 – Go to “Compatibility” Tab
3 – Click on “Change high DPI settings” button
4 – Check the box “Override high DPI scaling behaviour” and select “System (Enhanced) -> OK -> OK
5 – Open ATEX

Note – If you don't see the "Compatibility" tab, Click on "Show More Options" before, and then "Properties"

ATEX Users Map


This software is developped by
Jean-Jacques Fundenberger and Benoit Beausir


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